Why Ribbon Cuttings Still Matter

Why Ribbon Cuttings Still Matter

I've had two separate ribbon cuttings for my business: the first when my business was established, and the second when we moved into a new location in Mansfield. They are both vivid memories for me. I still have the photos on the wall. I even still have the ribbons, signed by the businesses that attended. Both days were milestones for me and sharing them with other business owners who had faced similar challenges and hardships was important. They were there to show support, to congratulate, and most importantly, to validate the hard work my team and I had put in.

That validation is important. Opening a business is not easy. It's scary. It's extremely risky. Validation from your peers and community provides a business owner with some peace of mind. That can be invaluable.

Aside from validation, a ribbon cutting can do so much more for a business. It can be a great source of publicity and marketing. A ribbon cutting splashed across a website or social media will always draw the attention of people who were unaware of your business, or who were unaware that the business might have finally opened its doors. It's a fantastic way to increase visibility and attract new customers.

The last thing I love about ribbon cuttings is the ability to network with other business owners and make new connections. None of our businesses are alone on an island. We are all part of a larger community, and I truly believe that when one business succeeds, it helps us all.

A few weeks ago, I went to an event with about 40 other business owners and told them about the Mansfield Business Alliance. When I mentioned that we were going to bring ribbon cuttings back, the room burst into cheers and applause. Businesses have missed ribbon cuttings. They want to celebrate milestones, and they want others in their community to celebrate with them. So, if you ask me, yes, ribbon cuttings still matter.